Novara is a land of centuries-old flavors and traditions, its rich territory, with a peasant past, poised between hills and plains, has been the ideal land for the cultivation of rice and vineyards and is home to some of the best known and tastiest dishes of Piedmont.

It is in the Novara area that the salam d'la duja is born, the famous salami preserved in fat, the crapulone, the minced donkey meat born according to the legend in Borgomanero, the Novarese paniscia, the symbolic risotto of our land, and the famous gorgonzola, which in Cameri is still produced according to traditional recipes.

The famous Novara biscuits and the Bread of San Gaudenzio, on the other hand, are native to Novara, essential sweets for tourists visiting Novara.

The precious Novara wines are native to the suggestive hills: Fara, Sizzano, Vespolina, Ghemme and Boca, which take their name from the villages where the vineyards are cultivated and processed to become some of the finest wines of the peninsula.

Therefore, for anyone who loves good food, Novara and its rich territory represent a must for those who want to taste some of the food and wine excellences of our beautiful country.

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