Superior Rooms

Relaxation was the keyword that guided the design and construction of our superior rooms. Enhance the comfort of our rooms with the pleasure of a regenerating bath in a comfortable rectangular Jacuzzi. If you need some rest to get away from the frenzy of everyday life, these are the rooms for you. Just like our colour rooms, our guests can choose their own colour from those available: burgundy, indigo, amaranth, yellow, red, green, and for the more demanding guests, the Black room and the Specchi room.

Black Room

An aggressive but sober and elegant color. This room is a black box in which the floor and walls are black. A strong and total experience, drained from the light coming from the Jacuzzi. If you love the net simplicity of the force of black color, this is the room for you.



Mirrors Room

Vanity. Large mirrors. On all the walls. The two-seat Jacuzzi water surface that is reflected on the mirrors. Soft light that you can adjust to your liking. And as always, it is possible to have private access directly from the car box, protected by an electric shutter closure.



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