Novara, a small town where Piedmont and Lombard culture meet, almost halfway. From this land they say that in the spring the sky is blue like the water of the rice pads in which it is reflected (Sebastiano Vassalli), while beyond the look, the snowy Alps inspire us. Art, nature, food and wine, the delights of the eyes and the palate. A slow life that follows the rhythms of the cobbled streets of the historic center in a continuous discovery.



 Mirrors of water, roads between green fields and cultivated fields, dotted with colonial houses that have disappeared or are transformed into historic residences. There are many flower bids that combine the flavors of the products of this territory, unusual and uncovered.



Few kilometers to enjoy the view and the breeze of lakes, the scent of flowers and the mild climate of this area. A real paradise exclusive, also made by many islands with their flower gardens, lemon trees, wisteria and rhododendrons. A trip to the past, when the great writers of the 800 visited these places to discover Italy of the sun and the beautiful climate.

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